We integrate sustainable initiatives in our events to raise awareness among our interested parties and stakeholders on how we can support local communities and on how we can encourage a more environmentally friendly way of life. Sun for schools is the project we have chosen to support this year.

Tips and recommendations to make your participation more sustainable at physical events.

Travel smart

  • Use public transportation.

  • For long distances, travel by train, which has less impact on the environment than flying.

  • Consider carbon offsetting if you need to travel by plane.

Stay green

  • Stay at green hotels.

  • Follow their environmental recommendations during your stay such as turning off lights and heating when you leave the room, reusing towels and linen, and recycling

  • Choose accommodation near the venue or stay at hotels with good access to public transportation

Eat right

  • Choose local and seasonal food. It's tastier, fresher doesn’t have to travel as far and it supports the local economy

  • Prevent food waste; if you cannot attend an event, let the organisers know beforehand.

Reduce & recycle

  • Return recyclable items at designated drop off points like badges and lanyards

  • Sort your waste and make the most of the recycling bins around you.