Data privacy

1. Thee-Service

The EU Institutions & bodies (EUI-B), including the European Commission and EISMEA, and external contractors on their behalf (see§ 6 below), have set up this electronic form for survey.

2. What kind of personal information do we collect, for what purpose, and through which technical means?

Identification data

The registration form collects basic information on each respondant including their name, organisation and contact details.

Data collected by the service may include the following:

·       Name (first & last name)

·       Title

·       Organisation details (name, type & address)

·       Email address

·       Nationality

·       Country of residence

·       Telephone number

Additional information provided to you as part of the service

By answering the survey, respondents agree to receive information specific to that. For example, the service may use your email address and name to send a confirmation email. Respondents may also receive information on the survey results.


Technical information

Fields in the survey page are protected against intrusive codes or any attempts to access/modify/delete the database.

A secured administrative page gives restricted access to the data collected under the control of an appointed administrator.

3. Who has access to the information provided and to whom is it disclosed?

Personal data will be accessible to the EU Institutions & bodies (the European Commission, EISMEA, and to contractual staff working in the organisation of this survey on behalf of the EU Institutions & bodies on a need to know basis. No third party will receive the information submitted.

Participants can raise questions or comments on how data is handled by the contractor by sending an email to

4. How can you verify, modify or delete your information?

Participants will not have direct access to their stored data; corrections must be requested by e-mail to participants find a mistake in their survey form, it is possible to fill in againwithout giving prior notice to the organiser. The previous data will be deleted from the database.

To delete all or part of their data registrants must send a requestto

5. How long do we keep your data?

Your personal data is kept for as long as necessary for the purpose of processing your file and for as long as necessary to fulfill our legal obligations and in no case for a period longer than 48 months. You can request the immediate removal of your personal data from our list at any time, as explained above. Your personal data (mandatory) will be kept for a maximum period of 48 months from the date of the event you are registering for.

The contractor, will keep your personal data in a safe - virus-protected- electronic storage for future use.

6. GDPR ‚ÄďGeneral Data Protection Regulation (of the European Union)

Pracsis srl, as a contractor of the EU institutions, is compliant with¬†Regulation (EU) N¬į 2016/679¬†(GDPR).

7.Contact Information

Please write to forany questions or comments about the service with respect to the use of personal information by Pracsis srl.

Please consider the following website for more information on data protection: ‚ÄėEuropean Data Protection Supervisor, the EU's independent data protectionauthority‚Äô:¬†