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Speakers Noise in Europe, 24 April 2017, Brussels, Belgium

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Secretary-General, Conference of European Directors of Roads (CEDR) Since 2013, Steve has supported CEDR’s members in representing their respective national road authorities (NRAs) and provided support and advice on issues concerning the road transport system and its role within the overall transport system. CEDR’s aim is to support NRAs in the excellent management of roads and includes a substantial amount of activity on road traffic noise. Steve’s background is in the application of innovation and was previously Secretary-General of FEHRL (representing national road research centres) and coordinated activities on dozens of EU projects. Previously, he led the Environment Group at the UK Transport Research Laboratory with a specialism on tyre/road and vehicle noise. He represented the UK on numerous international committees and working groups and was influential during the development of the European tyre noise type approval test. Steve has been actively involved in the development of the standard methods for measuring road surface noise and effects of noise effects of traffic management schemes.