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Speakers Noise in Europe, 24 April 2017, Brussels, Belgium

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Sergio Luzzi is the president and technical director of Vie en.ro.se. Ingegneria, a company working in the fields of acoustics, environmental engineering and occupational hygiene. He is adjunct professor at the University of Florence, honorary visiting professor at USURT Ekaterinburg and the director of the OSHNET SCHOOL for certified education in occupational hygiene, which is active in Italy, Turkey and in the Balkan Countries. Sergio is a member of the Executive Council of the EAA (European Acoustics Association) and product manager of Documenta Acustica, the EAA information and distribution product. Sergio was one of the general chairs of ICSV22 held in Florence in 2015. He has worked in the implementation of the projects LIFE+2008 HUSH, LIFE+2010 QUADMAP and Life15/ENV MONZA, regarding END implementation, Action Planning, Quiet Areas and Low Emission Zones.