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SPEAKERSHigh Level Conference on Sustainable Tourism & EMAS Awards 2017
8 May 2017, Valletta, Malta

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Mario Morana joined Hilton Malta in 2001. After some months he assisted in the preparation and application of the local Eco certification by Malta Tourism Authority which was awarded in 2003. He later took on board the full preparation and application of the EU Eco label awarded in 2006. He was nominated as the Green Champion for Hilton Malta where in 2006 he lead a team of colleagues to win the first edition of the international Hilton competition “we care” campaign. From there on he became Hilton Malta’s Ambassador for environmental and sustainability issues and actively participated in many environmental awards and activities. He was trained and certified with a Higher Management Diploma in the field of hotel sustainability and energy efficiency by the Institute of Hospitality UK. He is the point of reference for many students and professionals both local and foreign studying in the field of hotel sustainability.