Retail Forum 2012 Event Brussels, 9 October 2012

13:30: Registration - Welcome
14:15 - 17:00: Conference Debate
17:00 - 19:15: Visit of the exhibition
17:45 - 19:15: Reception

The Retail Forum's 2012 Event will spell out how retailers can spearhead the greening of the European economy by reducing their environmental footprint, offer more sustainable products and help change consumer behaviour. This high level conference will bring together decision makers from businesses, civil society and EU institutions.

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The Retail Forum is a multi-stakeholder platform set up in order to exchange best practices on sustainability in the European retail sector and to identify opportunities and barriers that may further or hinder the achievement of sustainable consumption and production.

Retailers in Europe are in an exceptional position to promote more sustainable consumption not only via their daily contact with millions of European consumers, but also through their own actions and their partnerships with suppliers.

The Retail Forum has been working on bringing to the fore more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient products as well as providing better information to consumers on how to use products in the most ecologically efficient way.

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