Step 1 - Privacy Statement


The registration form collects basic information on each participant including their name, organisation and contact details. From the data collected, a badge will be produced, which will enable registered participants to access the event venue.

The service will also use your email address to send a confirmation letter and to set up a mailing list for news and updates on the event.

The workshop may be recorded for future reference (photography or film). By agreeing to take part, participants are deemed to have given their consent to be filmed and/or photographed, and to any subsequent reproduction, public communication and/or broadcast of the material by the European Commission or any other person duly licensed by it.

Information on data collection

1. What personal information do we collect?
The only information we store is the information you encode yourself in the online form.
Your data will be handled in conformity with Regulation (EC) N° 45/2001 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 December 2000 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data by Community Institutions and bodies and on the free movement of such data.

2. Who has access to your information and to whom is it disclosed?
The following people have access to your information :

  • Staff of the Chemicals Unit of the Directorate General for Environment.
  • Staff of the contractor - PRACSIS - who process the data electronically to prepare the registration letter and your badge and contact the participants to arrange their travel and accommodation.

No other party will have access to the information submitted.

3. How do we protect and safeguard your information?
The data collected by PRACSIS is stored on a special dedicated server.

4. How can you verify, modify or delete your information?
After registration, participants will not have direct access to data concerning them. If you wish to access, modify or delete any of your data, please send a message to:

5. How long do we keep your data?
The online registration form will be available until the date of the event; afterwards all personal data will be removed from the online registration database.

6. Contact Information
Should you have any questions or requests concerning the information submitted, please send an email message to the following contact mailbox:


I agree that my personal data are used only for mailing me news about the Event -related news and updates by the Directorate General for Environment.

Read and understood