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The speakers

Vassilia Argyraki

is a civil and transport engineer. She has assisted in the establishment of Greek Energy Agencies since 1995 in the framework of SAVE Programme. She has been serving as Project Officer in EACI, since the set-up of the Executive Agency in 2004. She is involved in the evaluating, contracting and monitoring the Energy Agencies and local action projects.

Kriton Arsenis

is a Member of the European Parliament for the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats (S&D), member of the Committees on the Environment and Public Health, Fisheries and Development. In 2009 he won the first European prize for the campaign “Sustainable Aegean”, in 2010 he was awarded the MEP of the year award under the Fisheries category, and in 2011 he won the “Fair Politician of the Year” award.

Josť Maria Costa

is the Mayor of Viana do Castelo, in Portugal. His city has attracted significant renewable energy investment through incentives and smart financing mechanisms. Prior to serving as Mayor, he was Deputy to the Mayor between 1994 and 1997 and town councillor between 1998 and 2009.

Ilias Efthymiopoulos

is the Director General of the Aegean Energy Agency. He has 30 years of professional experience in the fields of environment, sustainable development and energy. In 1990 he was elected as the first director of Greenpeace, Greece and in 2000 was nominated vice- minister for the environment. Since 2002 he has been managing the environmental institute DIPE and since 2006 he is the coordinator of DAFNI, the Network of Sustainable Aegean Islands.

Timo Gensel

is the business leader (CEO) of a regional climate protection agency that specialises in project development of energy cooperatives. He has worked as energy consultant (certified by the Federal Office for Economy and Export Control (BAFA) in Germany) for the Rhineland-Palatinate State Energy Agency (EOR).

Giannis Glynos

is the mayor of Andros island, in Greece. He is also the elected president of the Network of Sustainable Aegean Islands (DAFNI). Prior to serving as Mayor of Andros, he was the elected Director of the Community of Korthi, a position he held for twelve years (1986-1998). In 1998 he was elected as mayor of the newly established municipality of Korthi, a position that he held till 2010, when the three municipalities of Andros island were unified to one.

Stefanos Karterakis

is a member of a team of public and private organisations that manages the ManagEnergy initiative on behalf of the European Commission. Mr Karterakis is an environmental engineer with experience in designing and managing sustainable energy systems.


Dimitris Papastefanakis

is the Director of the International Department, CRES, Greece. He has assisted in the development of the regional energy offices in Greece, in the technical assistance of national non EU Energy Agencies and he has developed international cooperation activities mainly in Mediterranean and Balkan countries. He has served as an Advisor to the European Commission and to the Greek Ministry of Development in the design and implementation of energy projects. Dr Papastefanakis has co-ordinated more than 40 projects and collaborated in more than 60 projects, funded by European Commission, International Organisations, National and private funds.