Workshop: Chemicals legislation benefits indicators

Brussels, 03 November 2015

Chemicals legislation is in need of a better set of clearly defined indicators to assess benefits to human health and the environment. Hosted by the Directorate-General for the Environment, this workshop aims to provide a basis for the development of valuable indicators which can offer measurable, quantifiable results, by taking into account feedback from the participants, who will be asked for their reactions to the proposed indicators. The aim of the workshop is to present and discuss the system of indicators, and to discuss the methodology for populating the indicators and for quantifying/monetising the benefits of chemicals legislation.

Format of the workshop
After the introduction and overview of the project in the morning, the workshop will be structured around presentations on two main topics by relevant experts.
The first set of presentations will be on ‘Indicators – the link between chemicals and the effects on human health and the environment’, followed by a panel discussion on the topic. The audience will first be invited to discuss and ask questions and then to vote and answer additional research and validation questions on the indicators and on methodological issues.  In the afternoon there will be a second set of presentations with the same format, this time on the topic of ‘How to calculate the benefits of chemicals legislation’.

Finally, all the results from the two previous panels will be discussed in a break-out session. The audience will be divided into three different groups: environment, human health, and workers health and safety. The groups will discuss the results of the voting and more broadly the methodological issues and potential solutions. 

Target groups
Attendance at the workshop will be of interest to : socio-economic and risk assessment experts in the fields of health, environmental protection and labour, NGOs, research centres, academia, EU workers' representative bodies, industry, industry associations, other organisations.

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